Melissa was a very hard worker

To whom it may concern,

As a past Fairview homeowner, Melissa Dear represented us as sellers of our home during the summer of 2014. Melissa was a very hard worker, she took the time to make sure the house showed well through staging and photography. As a detailed businesswoman she provided opportunities for our home to be viewed through realtor previews, open houses, internet search sites and scheduled potential buyer appointments. Melissa has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to the market in Fairview. She will do whatever it takes for a buyer to see the value in your home. This passion was demonstrated when she was able to present to our buyers how unique Fairview and the Lovejoy school district is. Because of her knowledge and love for the community, our buyers went from being on the fence, to believing this is the place for them and their kids. We were able to see our house sold within the time frame that our family needed to be out of Fairview and onto other places. We are truly grateful for all that Melissa did to see our house sold, she is a wonderful person, team player and professional realtor. As her slogan says, “your home is dear to me”, she really means that! 

Satisfied clients,

The Gilbreath’s

30 Man O War, Fairview Tx
Lovejoy ISD