Most people don’t plan on living in their first, or even second home forever, but knowing when the time is right to put it on the market can be tricky.

4 Signs it’s the Right Time to Sell

1. You’re feeling cramped, and can’t add on. Your family might not be growing, but that doesn’t mean your lifestyle still fits in your current house.

2. You have too much space. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by vacant rooms and silence.

3. You’re sick of the neighborhood. Maybe you’re done with the strictness of your HOA, or maybe your new neighbors are something out of a frat movie. Neighborhoods can change over time.

4. Remodeling won’t offer a return on investment. Giving your kitchen or bathroom a new look can make your house feel fresh, which might be all you need to decide you want to stay put for years. But that doesn’t mean it’s a financially sound decision.